Sandwiches, Pies and Meals

Staffed by the most skilled chefs, the restaurants of the Guest House will leave you no choice but to admit that we are up to the promise of serving the most delicious meals and the best food.

Our restaurants provide you with multiple options to suit your taste and meet your desires for all occasions.

Whatever your taste in food, eastern or western, local or international, the meals on our menus will deserve your praise.

For a family meal, a business lunch or a large banquet for private or public events, we have all the facilities to meet your requirements.

From sandwiches, pancakes, shawarma and quick snacks to delicious Arabic dishes and gourmet meals, every detail is made just the way you want.

Whether it is a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner, a buffet or something else, you can count on a wide range of delicacies prepared in minutes.

Visit one of our restaurants, and you will enjoy your delicious meal within a welcoming environment made with beautiful decor combined with a high-end service.