Fascinating Things to Do in Hatta

Are you a camping enthusiast?

Here you will find vast spaces most suitable to your needs as if you are the one who design the whole thing. Have ready your gear and gadgets and get active to enjoy the outdoors with all its fun. 

Are you a fan of uphill and downhill cycling?

Get ready with all the necessary equipment and ride your bike for two or three hours without any obstacle.

In Hatta, you will live an exceptional experience specially prepared for beginner and professional cyclists, as there are multiple tracks extending to 52 km with directional signs and boards at the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre. 

Or is walking your favorite sport?

Start your journey in the early morning on the roads that extend between the mountain tops or in the valleys. Do not forget to stop for a while to observe the beauty around you, to fill your eyes with greenery and blue sky.

On your way, stop at Hatta Dam, examine the breath-taking views, and take as many photos as you like to add these moments to your exciting experience.

Are you a fan of heritage and folklore?

Then you should visit Hatta Heritage Village in the center of Hatta, where the huts and old houses that stand now as they were standing hundreds of years ago with some restoration efforts, giving you a full image of the Emirati traditional life. Here you find a group of antiquities, archaeological discoveries and ancient documents that will add to your knowledge about Dubai and its history.

Wander around the Hatta Heritage Village and stop by the fort and the mosque. Perhaps you will come across one of the many festivals celebrated in Hatta Heritage Village, so enjoy the festive event.

Do you think you are a professional rower?

No doubt you find in Hatta Water Dam the perfect place to practice your favorite sport.

Are you a fan of trying every new sport or activity?

There is a lot of fun and excitement at Hatta Wadi Hub, and lots of activities that highlight your talents in shooting, or free jumping.

Are you looking for the silence of the night and its enchanting sounds?

Hatta grants you the happy times that you have always promised yourself, your family or your friends. You will have all the joys and happiness of your dreams.

About 115 km southeast of Dubai, you will find comfort and relaxation, ease and pleasure, and you will set yourself free, discovering the hidden wonders of the nature, next to the lofty mountains and the sublime palm trees.

Even that child that you were once will free himself at the last and go out into the wilds for playing and laughing. 

Hatta has all it takes to make you happy. 

So what are you waiting for?

Hatta awaits you.

Hatta is the pride of the United Arab Emirates; an Emirati icon on its own. Come to Hatta knowing that you are on a date with dreams embodied in a destination, full of blessing and happiness.

You will find us at your service. Welcome to Hatta.

Here you will feel that you are where you need to be. Here is where you and your family will feel most welcomed. Even if you are not such a fan of the countryside, here you will most definitely change what you think. You are promised with all the joys, and the promise will be fulfilled. You will find the missing part of your life here in Hatta.

Even as you leave Hatta, you will be wondering when will you again visit Hatta.